Windows 8’s « desktop virtualization » support ?

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Removing Non-Existing Network Adapters – Registry

On a 2008 Virtual Machine, I am modifying the network card settings – I
basically have had to remove and add new cards several times – and now I am
not able to rename my network connection to the original name:

« cannot rename this connection. a connection with the name you specified
already exists. »

I’ve looked in the Device Manager for the old NICs, but even with « Show
Hidden Devices » enabled, the old NICs aren’t shown.

Anyone know the registry keys I am looking for?

Found the answer, I had tried this earlier but didn’t run the command in an
elevated command prompt 😡

The following procedure will show no-longer-connected devices in Device
Manager for Server 2008.

1) Open a command window with elevated privileges (Start -> Right-click
« Command Prompt », select « Run as Administrator »)

2) In the command window, execute the following commands:



The second command starts the Device Manager. It MUST be started from the
elevated-privilege command window for this procedure to work.

3) In Device Manager, click the VIEW menu item and select « Show hidden
devices ».

This should show any hidden devices. For network adapters, expand the
network adapters node. Right-Click any device you wish to remove, and click